vince Ammoscato

Mr. Vince Ammoscato

Vice President (Site Head), Operations

Vince Ammoscato is Vice President of Operations at Ash Stevens, serving as the primary technical contact between the company and its clients. He has over 24 years of hands-on technical experience and extensive knowledge of the regulatory requirements for API development and manufacturing. Mr. Ammoscato manages all of the technical disciplines needed to fulfill the requirements of the CMC section of an IND / NDA at Ash Stevens.

He has extensive experience in multi-step regio- and stereoselective synthesis, including synthesis of Nucleosides, Peptide based compounds, and Heterocycles. He was previously a process development scientist at Ash Stevens, involved the development, manufacture and project management of multiple new chemical entities from preclinical development through commercialization. These included Fludarbine Phosphate (Fludara®), Floxuridine, Bortezomib (Velcade®), and Ponatinib.HCl (Iclusig®), which were all approved by the FDA and other MoHs as treatments for various forms of cancer.

Mr. Ammoscato earned a B.Sc. in Chemistry (1988) and a M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry (1990) at the University of Windsor, Canada. He joined Ash Stevens as a Senior Process Development Scientist (1990-2004) and subsequently Director, Project Management (2004-2009) before moving into his current role.

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Ash Stevens has two facilities for development and manufacture of APIs located in the State of Michigan.

Ash Stevens Vision

To translate scientific discoveries into medicinal products that improve quality of life.